5 comments on “Bradley Has Something To Prove

  1. David’s Personal Predictions:

    Miguel Angel Jimenez – 1ST PLACE
    Nick Faldo’s Buttery British Accent – 2ND PLACE

    James, David, Brent, Bryce, Fuchs, Beast, Lawrence – 3RD PLACE

    Kevin Na’s Par-4 Average – 4TH PLACE

    Thanks, I’ll be here all year… or at least till June again…


  2. Hmm, this website is legit, who is the writer for it? I have yet to find a good golf fantasy league out there. I totally agree with some of the statements made, the year is quite young, I am predicting a big come back year for Tiger!

    • Thanks man. Me(James) and Brent do most of the writing. We were sick of the lousy Yahoo fantasy golf format so we decided to start up our own league with a few friends. In the third year now and it is working great. It takes a little maintenance in terms of updating the spreadsheets and whatnot, but it’s a small price to pay for having an interesting fresh fantasy golf league. Tiger scares me this year, there’s kinda been that feeling for a while now that all it would take is that one win and he’d be right back on track. Chevron looks like it may have been that win.

      Thanks again for the feedback, always good to know that someone other than just the seven of us are checking out the site haha

  3. You’ve done a tremendous job updating the site on a consistent basis, must take a lot of work tho. I have played yahoo fantasy golf before and I agree it is just terrible! Its like they through it together during a sneeze and everyone just bought into it. I couldnt stand it, me and my friends played for a year and left, couldnt hack it any longer. This is indeed something new, what is an osicki explosion? lol, i was looking at your scoring methods / records and stuff, some interesting stuff. Are you going to open this league to the public someday? I would probably join! haha

    • Takes a couple of hours a week, but it’s something I really enjoy doing so it ends up being more of a hobby than a responsibility. As for an Osicki Explosion, it’s basically a point multiplier that you designate on a golfer before the tournament begins, and you get double their points for that week. I think part of the charm and what makes the league so fun, is the fact that it isn’t just the standard yahoo format. I’ve been doing yahoo hockey, football and baseball for a few years now, and it’s kind of gotten stale for me. You just end up plugging in your roster for each day and whatever happens happens. With this there is always something happening. If K.J. lips out a 3-footer on the 72nd hole to fall back into a tie for 12th, that could be the difference between whether or not you set the record for single season top tens. It could be the difference between having a low tier one average or having THE LOWEST tier one average. There are so many different stats and things kept track of, that each shot counts, even if that player clearly isn’t going to win that week. As for opening it up to the public, no plans for that right now, because I think if i did it would lose some of the charm of being able to be custom tailored to the people in the league. Obviously it’s awesome that other people are reading the articles and I try to keep the inside jokes to a minimum so it’s still readable haha, but most of the charm is in the fact that it’s a unique formula.

      What I would recommend, is if you have someone who has an hour or two of free time each week, start up your own league with a unique scoring formula. It’s well worth the effort of the start up and maintenance each week, and you’ll find that for nine months of the year, your weeks start on Thursday and end on Sunday.

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